Who Am I?

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Let's Start This Journey...

WU was created as a space for women, authorized in time for women who need and want to have their hearts spoken to. It is about YOU and other women needing to express how they REALLY feel about their lives, without fear of degradation or humiliation, because, it is not your name or title that’s important, its who you are on the inside, YOUR FEELINGS, that’s what counts, that’s what needs to be heard by other women having the same feelings and the need to express them in a space without trepidation or fear.

In the process of releasing your inner true feelings, you will gain peace of mind, body, and soul, knowing there are thousands of other women just like YOU! WU will take your need to speak and be heard to another level and start to break through the past and current hurt, pain, grief, sorrow, tears, and fears along with the triumphs, successes, and greatnesses of all women who need a sounding board and safe haven from the noise of everyday living.

WU provides a protected and safe platform for women to start their personal journey toward total fulfillment by partaking in conversations with other women, so the question of WHO AM I???, can be answered and shared. Thus, the personal journey YOU have put off for years will start, leading to YOUR designated destiny.

See others stories...

WU allows women to hear from and speak to other women anonymously about their life experiences, good or bad, so all will know they are not alone on this journey called life and that we were all created and still breathing for “such a time as this”. WU invites you to participate not only by reading and listening but also by speaking your heart.

Patricia Jeanique Cheadle, EBD

Host, CEO and Founder

Each week, WU will highlight issues and stories of success, failures, embarrassment, comedic situations, relationships between mothers and daughters, sisters, fathers and daughters; death, birth, spiritually, abuse, emotions, sexual relationships, health, food, funny, artsy, and just plain life. And, each week, the expectation is that YOU respond to the issues and stories by discussing how each of these chronicles of life relates to YOU, and, trust me, they will!

My purpose is to receive your feedback, reactions, and criticisms which are needed, wanted, and expected, in order to start a conversation with other women. Why? Because the weekly topics discussed will touch your life, past or present and by addressing the question of WHO AM I???, YOU will affect the lives of many other women needing a voice to be heard!

It is my intention that WU gives birth to workshops, groups, and conferences of women highlighting issues that platform Courage, Fierceness, Love, Abundance, Loss, and many other issues YOU as a woman of WU find important.

The essence of my life underscores the sincere belief that:



Other Members of WU

Jonathan Yockey – Website Manager, Technical Consultant